(Source: shina-chii, via hitoritabi)


The ashes of my dreams scatter in my room,                                      

As I see my roots crumble and rot as I try to get myself together       

And several fingers pinpoint and question my existence

The ashes of my beliefs fly around me,                                                

As I see my flesh and blood walk all over me and bring me down.      

And my crushed self is left alone.

The ashes of my hope fly away from me,                                            

 As I see my bright tomorrow become pitch black.                              

And  the abyss of darkness sucks me in.

The ashes of my happiness have disappeared,                                  

 As  I try to revive my happy memories but alas fail.                            

And all I’m left is with the broken pieces of past.

The dark ashes of me are lost within me,                                            

 As I try to rise again like a phoenix from them.                                  

And with my new wings I will fly high.